Introducing Battle

Introducing Battle

When it comes to learning, one of the most important things to consider is how knowledge sticks with a particular learner. eLearning courses and MOOCs typically fail when it comes to knowledge retention. While MOOC completion rates average a dismal 4%, eLearning courses increasingly suffer from poor reputation, making employees feel disengaged.


SPARTED’s mission statement is to help learners retain information, and access that information when they most crucially need it. As millennials enter the workforce and smartphone adoption reaches all-time highs, it becomes increasingly difficult to engage employees with traditional courses. In that context, we strive to find innovative ways to address corporate training problems.


The past years have taught us three important discoveries in that regard:

  • Microlearning products ensure knowledge retention through repetition
  • Engagement increases when learners share their learning experience with peers
  • Engagement increases when learners experience beauty and pleasure


These discoveries have led us to believe that a new feature combining all three principles was needed: Battle.

Why use the Battle feature?

Battle ensures knowledge is retained by using previously scheduled content and making players rehearse.

Battle increases engagement in the product, and makes players stick. More players playing campaigns J

Drive engagement
Your employees are ever more engaged when using Battle, as its game-based design makes learn rhyme with play.

Social Learning
Battle creates healthy interactions between employees, therefore improving their general commitment towards your company


How does it work?

Battle lets you challenge colleagues in fast-paced, 5-minute duels. Here are the rules of the duel:

  • Players must first complete their Daily Series
  • Our learning algorithms automatically pick 5 contents that players have in common. This means that the content was scheduled in the past during campaigns targeted at the players’ segmentations. As a result, some players will have already played the content from the Battle, while others will experience it for the first time if they did not participate in previous campaigns.
  • Players can accept or decline Battles
  • Both players must complete the challenge as fast as possible
  • Players can perform up to 5 Battles per day

How do I get started?

You must first activate Battle manually.

Log-in to your SPARTED Back-Office as a MasterAdmin user, and toggle the button shown in the screen below.


gif de la plateforme SPARTED



Set a maximum number of challenges per day. Players will be able to challenge up to 5 opponents per day.

Start using Battle after completing your Daily Series.

When there aren’t any campaigns scheduled, Battle is available to all!


Never stop learning


As you start using Battle you will find that its learning power is even greater than it seems. A player’s core motivation when using Battle is pleasure. Having pleasure so deeply ingrained in the experience yields two important outcomes:

Pauline is the Sales Ops and Product Marketer of SPARTED since early 2019. Her track record at IBM has forged her growth mindset. She likes to bake every time she gets some time to.