The 10 motivational keys of millennials

The 10 motivational keys of millennials

Seducing the hyper-connected millennial – whether client or employee is -has become a growing issue for all businesses. It’s a simple story of numbers! People born between 1980 and 2000, millennials are already 50% of the world population, and will represent 1 out of 2 employees as of 2020.


Generations Y and Z feed many fantasies and ideas received: lazy generation, who respects nothing, let alone authority, and believes Know everything. Taking the opposite of these a priori unflattering, Emmanuelle Duez, founder of The Boson Project, calls it “First Generation digital, first generation omniscient, a massive generation and in a world to reinvent. ”

Whatever your opinion, one thing is certain: the methods of proven management will have to evolve to succeed in attracting, inspiring and retain this new generation. Here are 10 keys to motivate millennials:


1. A balance between private life and life professional

Generation Y has seen his parents run out and refuses to reproduce the same pattern. If the professional career remains important, it is not more a priority as for baby boomers (born between 1945 and 1965). For millennials, work is a source of personal fulfillment, same as recreation and family – and as such, he cannot take the plunge on others. No more nocturnal calls or emails in the evening or weekend. Generation Y yet hyper connected is his right to the disconnection outside working hours.


2. Flexibility in the work

Adaptable schedules, TV or flexi-work, partial times, … One millennial out of 4 wants his company to offer him more work hours flexible in order to adapt to its constraints and its rhythm of life. Whether it is to respect their sleep schedules, allow them to take care of children or leave them time for leisure outside work, millennials expect their business to leave them the freedom to choose the schedules that arrange them.


3. A pleasant working environment

whether for hours or every day of the week, the millennial wants to feel good in his workspace. To attract Millennials, impersonal and hyper optimized open spaces must do room for relaxation rooms or nap, kitchen, terrace, and other spaces common – all designed for Google or Facebook.

Generation Y has a high level of requirement on user-friendliness, light, and sound comfort. The company is no longer just a workplace where the employee spends his days behind a computer. It is place of socialization among colleagues, working in project mode, innovation, creativity – and it must organize itself according to


4. Development more than success

more than their elders generation youth seek a job that anime them. If the job is exciting, those will all the more want to invest and produce quality work. Because it’s well known, pleasure is an essential motivational engine. To inspire millennials, work must offer opportunities for professional and personal development, enable the development of knowledge and skills, and globally to give them a sense of fulfillment.


5. A mission, a meaning, values ​​…

If the search for meaning in the work is not the prerogative of the generation Y, it is the generation that gives it the most importance. Find a meaning to his profession, his actions, his company, is one of the main criteria of millennials to accept a position and stay there. And be able to respond to questions “Why do I get up?” or “What’s the use of what I’m doing?” taps. These questions are decisive in the choice of their employer and the missions in which they invest.

The millennials want to feel engaged and in line with the values of their company. According to a survey by Deloitte, plus a millennial out of two does not envisage “any collaboration with certain employers in because of the values ​​or conduct of these companies “.


6. … without forgetting the salary A

According to a study by Cegos in 2017 on the Millennials and work, the remuneration remains the first and unavoidable reason for the work for 64% of young people. Indeed, the millennial needs resources to satisfy his passions and live the life he desires: travel at the end of world, skiing, diving, skydiving … By the omnipresence of the networks social, the millennial is discovered every day new desires. The company that hires them is the key to accomplishment.


7. Various and interesting missions

Generation Y is also referred to as “zapping generation”. Accustomed to navigate between apps, in a world where everything is going very fast, she has tend to feel impatient and frustrated if his projects do not progress as well quickly she would like it. To channel this energy, the individuals of the Generation Y need a variety of missions, with short deadlines, allowing them to renew themselves constantly.


8. Empowering Leadership More Than One

Controlling management Criticized for their lack of respect for authority, millennials are in fact in search of mentors, able to guide and advance them. If they have a hard time accepting the blindly enforced authority they recognize the legitimacy of an inspiring and empowering leader, who knows share his vision and trust his team members. The Y generation is also sensitive to a participative management mode, in line with its values.


9. Recognition of peers

However, the millennial is far from insensitive to the recognition of its leaders, colleagues and friends. Promotions, awards, and responsibilities enhance and help him maintain his motivation. This recognition can be expressed different ways, and is not necessarily hierarchical. For the millennial, the more important will be the feeling of making the difference in the business, to bring his stone to the building.


10. The learning enterprise

Generation Y has grown up in a world where innovation is accelerating, and the professional world is changing profoundly, in particular due to automation and the emergence of technologies such as intelligence artificial. The knowledge stored during the studies is not enough more, they quickly become obsolete. Thus, it is estimated that 6 trades out of 10 exercised in 2030 do not yet exist.

In parallel, the labor market is more difficult than for the previous ones generations. Failing to obtain a secure and secure job, develop employability becomes a major issue for millennials. Development skills is an important lever in terms of adaptation and attractiveness. According to the Cegos study, this criterion is mentioned by 56% of young people in the choice of a job (compared to 40% in 2012). In this world constant evolution, the company must be a learner, even diploma.

And that’s good because Generation Y is eager to learn! It’s the generation Wikipedia, who loves to train, discover new topics, explore, … in link or not with his work. With MOOCs, readings, games micro learning, or videos, all formats are good for expanding the scope of his knowledge. The manager to know how to take advantage of this enthusiasm!


These criteria are not a guarantee to retain your millennial talents in your business. But by adapting your organization, they will feel better understood and more aligned with their expectations and their mode of operation. And you can be sure that their motivation and quality of their work will be felt. It’s win-win!

Solange is SPARTED's Marketing Manager. After 2 years spent in Boston, MA, USA, studying International Marketing and working for an IT B2B SaaS startup. She decided to come back to France and experience entrepreneurship "à la française". With her dedication to innovative pedagogical means and passion for Inbound Marketing, Solange joined SPARTED in 2019 and since then it's been a match made in heaven.