How can you retain your talents by filling their desire to learn?

How can you retain your talents by filling their desire to learn?

To recruit the best talents in your company, all blows/costs are allowed: salary, projects, bonuses, responsibilities, benefits, wellness programs… still need to keep them then. Because there is no use to hire, you have to keep them to the point! Indeed, your best employees are demanding, and want to find a sense and a source of satisfaction in the work.

Among the levers of engagement of talent, opportunities for learning and personal and professional development come to the top. Indeed, no one wants an “impasse” position without an opportunity for evolution. Sources of motivation can vary from one person to another, but the need for progression is practically universal – we all want to improve and learn new skills to keep moving forward.

Coming out of our comfort zone, we develop and expand our field of competence, increasing at the same time our employability and enriching our activity.Business learning plays a major role in the engagement of talent, whether it takes the form of internal or external training, coaching, or even more operational in a project with a high responsibility.

Discover 4 ways to increase the commitment of your talents by filling their thirst for learning:


1. Deepening an expertise (knowledge and know-how)

The state of the art has never evolved as much as it did in our past generations , and this phenomenon goes Accelerating. The knowledge stored during our studies is already obsolete a few months or years later.Training in companies is therefore essential to keep up with the level and continue to innovate.

For your talents, vocational training may be an opportunity to deepen an expertise or develop a new competence: project management methodology, data science, artificial intelligence, new computer language, technical Of sale… This training can take the form of courses provided internally or externally, MOOCs, micro Learning, mobile learning, or external lectures. Be careful , regardless of the format, the training must intervene in a global  and personalized skills development plan to bring value to your talent.


2. Developing transverse skills (know-how)

A skills development plan would be incomplete without taking into account the know-how. Depending on the type of position and the level of responsibility of your talents, training in management, crisis management or non-violent communication can help your employees in their daily work while feeling valued.

In fact, by proposing a global skills development plan to your employees, you show them that you are investing in them. This is the best way you have to prove to them that you believe them and recognize the value of their work. It’s also a great way to show that your company promotes the evolution and progress of its employees – and this can only generate commitment and enthusiasm from your employees.


3. Learn on the ground

Nothing better than to position your talent on a project with responsibility to stimulate it and boost its commitment. For years, the largest international companies have been offering “rotating” courses and other personalized career plans to develop the skills of their future leaders. But the principle is not the prerogative of large groups and can be declined to all sizes of business.

Endowed with the right resources, human and technical, your best talents are found challenged without being overwhelmed by responsibilities. and regular changes in jobs and projects always relive their commitment to their business. It’s a win-win!


4. Being coached by a leader

A final axis of development, and not least, is to attribute to your best talents a “godfather” among the leaders of the company. Again, beyond the only learning of skills, the desired effect is largely in the motivation and projection of your medium-and long-term talents in your company. In fact, an in-house sponsorship program can allow them to gain a better vision of the strategy and the stakes of the company, to look at their careers from a new perspective, and to ask their assigned leader to develop, both Humanly than professionally.

Your talents are the value of your business. The diversity of the missions, the professional challenges, the evolution and the responsibilities are part of their commitment to the company. By responding to their thirst for learning, you make their job a source of inexhaustible satisfaction, that they would have no interest in leaving, even for a better salary. As Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, summarizes:

picture of richard branson
“Train your employees well enough so they can leave, and treat them well enough that they don’t want to.”


Solange is SPARTED's Marketing Manager. After 2 years spent in Boston, MA, USA, studying International Marketing and working for an IT B2B SaaS startup. She decided to come back to France and experience entrepreneurship "à la française". With her dedication to innovative pedagogical means and passion for Inbound Marketing, Solange joined SPARTED in 2019 and since then it's been a match made in heaven.