3 ways to keep your employees engaged during lockdown

3 ways to keep your employees engaged during lockdown

It is been a month that many companies and shops had to temporarily close their doors due to confinement measures. Nevertheless, some companies are still remotely working and are trying to keep their employees motivated more than ever during this difficult time. With the crisis, the national economy is hurted. Thus, keeping a positive mindset within its team can be complicated. Luckily, different solutions are provided by other companies. SPARTED offers you to develop your employees’ skills thanks to educational and playful methods. 


Keep an effective performance in its company goes with a continuous communication with its collaborators in order to not cut the bond. SPARTED has implemented several ways to stay connected with your teams mostly thanks to mobile learning. Here we have 3 of them in this article.

1. Provide greater remote working conditions for more productivity

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Keep its team motivated and productive while they’re working remotely is a tough exercise. Top and middle Management have to find the right solution in order to give the best remote working conditions to their employees and to maintain their performance. Micro learning is THE spot-on solution for this kind of managerial issues. Easy to use and enabling a massive reach, companies have decided to deploy SPARTED to their employees in quarantine.

As a manager, take advantage of the daily use of the smartphone to send to your employees good practices to adopt. From now on, health measures will be part of our everyday life. Inform your collaborators on these measures. Encourage them to have good habits. This is essential. 

With SPARTED’s micro learning solution, you have the possibility to test the feature of “Breaking News”. It allows you to send daily notifications to your employees. Managers can personalize each Breaking News in order to broadcast advices, good practices for remote working, even team’s or department’s actualities. You can also broadcast positive informations related to COVID-19. This can calm down the existing stress within teams. 

Showing attention to its employees proves that you care about them. This has an impact on work motivations. Inform your collaborators on company’s measures taken during the health crisis. Objectives of the headquarters will be now changed. That is why it is very important to be as transparent and as conversationally direct as possible. To make your employees finish their tasks in time and that the results respond to company’s objectives, instructions have to be communicated in a clear way and defined with precision. Furthermore, at the end of the quarantine period, work methods will be changed. Different tools will be setting up in companies. Employees have to be trained to be aligned with the objectives and the strategy of the company. 

2. Strengthen the team’s bond by connecting employees

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We are social creatures and we are thriving when we are connected to others and as a result we are more productive. Except that with global remote working policies, social distancing and confinement measures, our interactions with friends and colleagues are largely reduced. Social bonds between employees still need to exist to keep the same team spirit. Maintaining a social cohesion with its colleagues allows to stay motivated. According to a survey from the blog Navely, one of the main concerns of managers is their employees mental health. Yet, employees motivations goes firstly with social needs : go out with friends, discuss with colleagues…

Luckily, in our societies, the pervasive technology makes our remote interactions easier. The main reason is the universal adoption of smartphones. As any of us, the majority of frontline employees uses their smartphones several times during the day. Then, it is necessary to take advantage of this opportunity to create bonds within teams even if they are remotely.

With SPARTED’s mobile learning app, each collaborator can challenge their colleagues thanks to the “Battles” feature. It allows a positive competition and creates cohesion at the same time. This kind of interactive competition increases employees’ dynamism and their desire to surpass themselves. Indeed, each collaborator is encouraged to give the best of themselves. Then, the learning of job skills is increasing.

With COVID crisis, there is also a lack of individual motivation. Each employee, in a very subjective way, can feel down due to social isolation measures. Broadcast messages of hope and support to your employees is essential to prevent a drop in performance caused by psychological matters. You can leverage SPARTED’s Breaking News, a native notification feature. This method is one of the most effective to motivate employees and maintain performance. 

3. Take that time to train your employees in a competitive way

Improve skills of your team during quarantine

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The quarantine period will no last for eternity. Thus, post-confinement activity has to be well thought and adapted to the new objectives of the company. Despite the disadvantages caused by staying at home, this exceptional period is an appropriate moment to train your employees. They can acquire new skills or improve their knowledge they already have. Universities and schools have already implemented tools to allow their students to learn remotely. And if companies made the same thing ?

Usually, when companies are in a wide production period, employees training often comes as second in terms of priority. However, it is clear that a perfectly trained employee deliver a service of better quality. This leads companies to boost their sales and revenue. In this way, confinement is a timely learning period  for your employees.


Invest in your collaborators for a better performance

Through remote training, you are showing to your employees that you stay connected with them and that you invest in their work. This is good for your collaborators’ mindset and the performance’s continuity of your company.

Thanks to SPARTED, you can still train your employees on the different products and services of the company. The fact that many collaborators are in short-time working doesn’t mean that you forget them, it is quite the opposite. Providing training and information on daily occupation allows employees to strengthen their awareness and work habits so they are in a proactive process. Consequently there is an upskill. Training, thanks to mobile learning, also allows you to prepare the resumption of your activity by aligning all your collaborators with your company strategy. This will insure you an increased and stable performance facing other actors. 

Through SPARTED’s micro learning solution, you can launch “Campaigns”. These are thematic learning sessions using gamified and short content. Employees can learn different job skills while playing, everyday, during 3 minutes per day. 

Campaigns can have for main topic new products and services that you will need to highlight at the end of the quarantine. Employees’ sales speech can also be another pedagogical topic of a campaign so you educate your collaborators on their sales arguments. To gain effective sales, employees’ speeches will must be perfectly learned and understood by them.

Solange is SPARTED's Marketing Manager. After 2 years spent in Boston, MA, USA, studying International Marketing and working for an IT B2B SaaS startup. She decided to come back to France and experience entrepreneurship "à la française". With her dedication to innovative pedagogical means and passion for Inbound Marketing, Solange joined SPARTED in 2019 and since then it's been a match made in heaven.