SPARTED’s mobile learning platform is free of charge during lockdown

SPARTED’s mobile learning platform is free of charge during lockdown


As of today (2020.03.19), SPARTED’s mobile learning platform and specialized content is now free of charge for any enterprise or organization during the COVID-19 crisis.


Keep the bond strong within your organization during lockdown


COVID-19 and quarantine measures: a worldwide crisis

Since its start in China a few weeks back, the COVID-19 sanitary crisis has reached a global scale. Quarantine measures are enforced in numerous countries and inhabitants have no choice but to be stuck at home. Saying so, most employees are thus in isolation, alone or with their family, working from home or being temporarily unemployed. And this is going to last weeks, not to say months.

Everyone of us got their routine shaken up, their business activities subverted and their social circle distorted.


Persists a need to feel engaged and connected

More than ever, every employee, even the ones in partial unemployment, needs to feel engaged. Maintaining and strengthening the bond between HQs and collaborators is crucial.

Whether it is informational, formative or social, keeping this bond alive on a daily basis, with a warm, lively and friendly tone is a great practice. It prevents from disconnecting stakeholders, from letting worry grow. Overall, it prevents a decrease in morale.


Persists a need to be informed and supported

In this context, employees need to:

  • Know they are not forgotten, know they are not put aside
  • Be informed over company’s updates and actions
  • Get the best support there is to let them contribute and work, as usual, even if they are working remotely
  • Be educated on the best practices, behaviors and reflexes to get during pandemic situations
  • Feel they belong to a still breathing, still living social entity
  • Be informed through reliable and trustworthy news channels to prevent fake news and its downfalls
  • Be engaged over the aftermath of confinement and get proper support and training to be ready for it

Reach and engage your collaborators : that’s our specialty

Knowing all those employees’ needs and the difficulties it goes with, SPARTED has a major role to play during the COVID-19 crisis. Why? Because SPARTED’s mobile learning platform has been conceptualized, designed, and developed to massively reach, engage and impact employees on their information level, knowledge base and behaviors. And this is possible on a worldwide reach, whether collaborators are far from HQ or working inside its building, whether they are working in an agency or a shop, or on the field, intervening onsite.


SPARTED provides an impactful and exciting experience to users

SPARTED thus grants access to its mobile learning  platform and specialized content for free to all enterprises and organizations in need for a tool to communicate with, inform, boost, raise awareness to, bond with and create alignment with their employees. 

SPARTED is a killer tool in this situation. We know how to digitally create a meeting point and time to all your employees in an impactful, fun, exciting, game-base, social experience.


Because in time of crisis everyone has a role to play, SPARTED is taking over that role

SPARTED is taking a step forward to help other companies just because we are at war against this pandemic situation. We need to all work together, in solidarity to drive a fast recovery and a happily ever after post-COVID-19 life. SPARTED also strongly believes that every collaborator holds a crucial role inside a business, no matter its gender or position.

SPARTED is providing mobile learning to all enterprises for free

SPARTED is a white-labeled, social and game-based app so you can build a bond with your collaborators and nourish it during the quarantine.

Our motto during those difficult times is: Play 3 minutes. Learn for good. Live for long.


Get specialized content over COVID-19 preventive measures and home office guidelines

The SPARTED team worked hard to create content over pandemic prevention best practices and tips for a better home office experience and management. Those pieces of content are ready to be broadcasted to your entire workforce.


Create your own content, tailored to your company’s business and informational needs

SPARTED’s admin back office is a user friendly tool so you know where to go and what to do without any pain. On this web app, you can create your own pieces of content, plan your campaigns to whenever you want and whoever you want, and finally, get data and analyze your results.

After a short SPARTED training class, every admin in your team will be able to use this tool in full autonomy so they can broadcast personalized content to targeted collaborators.

Benefit from the SPARTED Live For Long special offer

If you want to benefit, and once again, it’s free to any company, any enterprise, fill out this form. We’ll be more than happy to support and help your organization get through this crisis.

Matthieu is SPARTED's CEO and co-founder. With more than 15 years of proven track record as a Product Manager and Business Developper, Matthieu co-created SPARTED in 2014 with one thing in mind : develop a service that impacts performance through learning innovation for B2B enterprise. He is in love with experience design, disruption, cultural break and writing story.